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Today’s New Home Inventory

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These are the latest homes on the market for sale that meet our criteria for new or custom. This is Today’s Inventory. They are listed by general area, price, and bedrooms/baths/garage bays. By definition, “Inventory” means a home that is in some phase of construction, from initial permitting to finished. Comparing these to the community homes you see on our site, which are “To Be Built” base prices, you may not have many customization choices, depending on where it is in the construction phase. The price will be different than on the “To Be Builts” because those prices don’t include any selected options and/or possible lot premiums. They also could change from this listed price if you are able to select any options and you do. These are typically finishes like cabinets and flooring etc. You will not have any options for structural changes.

Call us for specifics on any home you see here. We will send you photos, plans, estimated completion time, what personal options you can still choose, and exact location, builder etc. We will even set your appointment and show the home to you. Being Inventory, these homes typically do not last for long on the market so time is of the essence.



CodeLocationPriceBedroomsBathsGarage BaysLiving Area
DRH0001SE Vero Beach$252,9904222176
DRH0002SE Vero Beach$257,99042.522305
DRH0003SE Vero Beach$262,99042.522498
DRH0004NE Vero Beach$351,0154322359
DRH0005NE Vero Beach$357,6764322359
DRH0006NE Vero Beach$381,3734332546
DRH0007NE Vero Beach$333,0903222108
DRH0008NE Vero Beach$349,5884332312
DRH0009NE Vero Beach$348,6594332312
DRH0010NE Vero Beach$343,9754332312
DRH0011Palm Bay$261,9504231900
DRH0012Palm Bay$316,6314332546
DRH0013Palm Bay$300,7234332412
DRH0014Palm Bay$300,4164332312
DRH0015West Melbourne$510,93553.523742
DRH0016West Melbourne$474,0974332986
DRH0017West Melbourne$400,1253232263
DRH0018West Melbourne$241,9904221900
DRH0019West Melbourne$303,3004222191
DRH0020West Melbourne$326,59542.522720
G0001S Vero Beach$537,34533.523186
G0002S Vero Beach$497,0003322722
G0003S Vero Beach$650,00032.532987
G0004N Vero Beach$494,0003332612
G0005N Vero Beach$474,00022.522246
G0006Fort Pierce$296,1002221954
G0007Fort Pierce$297,1002221954
G0008S Vero Beach$291,9502221854
G0009S Vero Beach$429,90032.522416
G0010S Vero Beach$374,8153322586
G0011S Vero Beach$369,9553332586
G0012S Vero Beach$320,52022.522095
G0013Fort Pierce$320,3253322284
G0014Fort Pierce$342,27032.522306
G0015Fort Pierce$384,99032.522355
G0016Vero Beach$386,7054322405
G0017Vero Beach$446,8803322747
G0018S Vero Beach$312,01532.522095
G0019S Vero Beach$263,9452221712
G0020N Vero Beach$310,27032.522135
G0021N Vero Beach$316,2803322,284
G0022N Vero Beach$350,64532.532416
G0023N Vero Beach$347,9003322514
G0024W Central Vero Beach$229,2153221711
G0025W Central Vero Beach$246,5603221604
G0026W Central Vero Beach$234,0403221711
G0027Tradition Port St Lucie$259,7902221730
G0028Tradition Port St Lucie$269,9903222026
G0029Port St Lucie$297,97032.522282
G0030Port St Lucie$298,59032.522282
G0031Port St Lucie$299,5004322405
G0032Port St Lucie$296,4903322068
G0033Port St Lucie$304,0953332099
T001N Vero Beach$263,1883221678
T002N Vero Beach$269,7633221809
T003N Vero Beach$276,9523221809
T004N Vero Beach$282,3473222021
T005N Vero Beach$298,4154322281
T006N Vero Beach$325,15943.532601
D001N Vero Beach$414,9043322488
D002N Vero Beach$435,4943322488
TI001Port St Lucie$248,9003222035
TI002Port St Lucie$224,9002221710
TI003Port St Lucie$248,9003222035
TI004Port St Lucie$239,9003221985
TI005Port St Lucie$234,9003221985
TI006Port St Lucie$258,9003221985
M001Vero Beach$278,9004222472
M002Vero Beach$205,7502211291
M003Vero Beach$215,1003211415
M004Vero Beach$299,9003221858
M005Vero Beach$369,9003222033
M006Vero Beach$329,9003222084
M007Vero Beach$399,9003322220
M016Palm Bay$199,9003221443
M017Palm Bay$188,9003221546
M018Palm Bay$199,9003221877
M019Palm Bay$188,8503221600
M020Palm Bay$214,9003221988
M021Palm Bay$199,90032.521713
M022Palm Bay$229,9004222155
M023Palm Bay$229,9003221971
M024Palm Bay$219,9003222068
M025Palm Bay$259,90032.522531
M026Port St Lucie$209,9003221546
M027Port St Lucie$209,9004221877
M028Port St Lucie$229,9003221600
M029Port St Lucie$249,9003221988
M030Port St Lucie$244,9003221988
M031Port St Lucie$254,9003221966
M032Port St Lucie$246,9003221971
M033Port St Lucie$242,9003222068
M034Port St Lucie$248,9003221966
M035Port St Lucie$274,9004332472
M036Port St Lucie$399,9004333031
M037Port St Lucie$200,0004221877
M038Port St Lucie$224,9003221604
M039Port St Lucie$239,9003221988
M040Port St Lucie$274,90032.522727
A001Vero Beach$252,4003222010
A002Port St Lucie$250,9004322265
A003Port St Lucie$238,9004321930
A004Port St Lucie$238,1504221755
A005Port St Lucie$276,9004222265
A006Port St Lucie$252,7004221930
A007Port St Lucie$252,9004221755
A008Port St Lucie$255,9004222010
A009Palm Bay$198,5004221755
A010Palm Bay$208,7653222010
A011Palm Bay$199,5004221755
A012Palm Bay$232,4004322265
A013Palm Bay$197,5004221755
A014Palm Bay$200,2654221820
A015Palm Bay$229,9003222010
A016Palm Bay$218,9003222010
A017Palm Bay$216,5004221755
KO001Port St Lucie$269,4803222569
KO002Port St Lucie$230,2402221659
KO003Port St Lucie$273,8105222569
KO004Port St Lucie$249,9002221932
KO005Port St Lucie$289,9004222817
KO006Port St Lucie$271,8902221515
KO007Port St Lucie$204,9002221416
KO008Port St Lucie$381,0473322162
KO009Port St Lucie$324,9002221932
KO010Port St Lucie$270,1302221646
AV001Port St Lucie$300,9903221992
AV002Port St Lucie$224,9902221596
AV003Port St Lucie$235,9902221689
AV004Port St Lucie$310,9902222037
AV005Port St Lucie$334,9902222037
AV006Port St Lucie$307,9902221992
AV007Port St Lucie$236,9902221689
AV008Port St Lucie$241,9902221689
AV009Port St Lucie$235,9902221689
AV010Port St Lucie$300,9902222016
AV011Port St Lucie$302,9902222016
GC001Port St Lucie$649,90043.522853
MC001Port St Lucie$295,7602221895
MC002Port St Lucie$293,43022.522080
MC003Port St Lucie$249,7302221616
MC004Port St Lucie$242,4002221735
MC005Fort Pierce$100+
KB001Port St Lucie$223,9903221717
KB002Port St Lucie$221,9003221717
KB003Port St Lucie$219,9003221585
KB004Port St Lucie$229,9903221886
HB001Vero Beach$260,1082221669
HB002Vero Beach$255,0782221669
HB003Vero Beach$259,9632221669
HB004Vero Beach$297,1633222089
HB005Vero Beach$325,55232.522344
HB006Vero Beach$337,1543322517
HB007Vero Beach$267,964222C1885
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