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Mortgage Words You Should Know

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The mortgage industry loves jargon and it can quickly confuse a real estate professional and all the moreso a borrower. The Fannie Mae Sellers Guide alone has 91 different acronyms and abbreviations.

The National Mortgage News recently offered up a few of the most common acronyms buyers and professionals should know while going through the homebuying process.

DTI: Debt to income

Underwriters turn to this ratio to determine if a borrower can financially meet a mortgage obligation.
UETA: Uniform Electronics Transactions Act

One of this Act’s purposes is to help harmonize state laws with the recognition of electronic signatures on documents.
PITI: Principal and interest plus taxes and insurance

Lenders often will break a borrower’s monthly payment down into this equation.
ATR: Ability to repay

The Dodd-Frank Act mandates that lenders ensure borrowers have the ability to repay their debt.
HOEPA: Home Ownership Equity and Protection Act

The law helps to determine when a loan becomes considered a high-cost mortgage.
SFHA: Special Flood Hazard Area

Lenders must monitor flood maps to see if the property has been placed into these zones.

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